Engineering Department


We provide mechanical, civil, structural, pipeline, process piping, instrumentation, electrical, construction engineering, and drafting. CCI provides engineering capabilities tailored to fit client’s specific needs.



Our engineers use hydraulic simulation to calculate pressure drop and flow distribution through gas and liquid piping systems. The analysis includes expected temperatures, pressures, and volumes flowing through the pipeline, as well as environmental conditions and restrictions along its path. This allows capacity determination of existing and proposed piping systems and sizing of:

  • Pipe

  • Pumps

  • Control Valves


Pipeline Fitness for Service is a comprehensive analysis of a pipeline’s current and future integrity based on accepted industry methods. The program provides our clients a clear plan for inspection, repair, and mitigation actions, which, when scheduled and completed, ensure safety, reliability and regulatory compliance. Deliverables are:

  • Data Review & Anomaly Identification

  • Immediate Integrity Assessment

  • Future Integrity Assessment

  • Remediation Plan




  • Hydraulic Simulation

  • Design, Permitting and Installation Technical Support

  • Flow Reversal Design and Evaluation

  • Pig Trap Modifications Upgrades

  • Complex Pipeline Abandonments (Land and Marine)

  • Pipeline Relocations and Re-routes (Land and Marine)

  • In-Line Inspection and Data Evaluation (Smart Pigging)

  • Hydrotest Design

  • Pipeline Lowering Calculations and Procedures

  • Routine and Complex Pipeline Repairs (Land and Marine)

  • Crack Assessments and Fitness for Service Evaluations

  • Pipeline Collapse Pressure Calculations

  • Detailed Work Procedures with supporting calculations

  • Soil Erosion Remediation

  • Inspection and Repairs by Divers and ROV’s

Crack Assessment & Data Evaluation


  • Facility / Station Modifications: metering, valves, slug catcher, launchers, power supply, controls

  • Station Pumps:  sizing, repairs, performance testing

  • Storage Tank Addition Design and Specifications

  • Station Soil Loading for Heavy Equipment Access

  • Process and System Design and Permitting: pumps, compressors, piping, separation, gas and oil dehydration, measurement, surge protection, relief valve sizing

  • Controls, Instrumentation, and Safety Systems

Slug Catcher Modification


  • Structural Design and Analysis with FEA Software

  • Construction / Fabrication Design

  • Large Steel Structure Design and Analysis

  • Heavy Lift Design by track crane, truck crane, portable crane, lift boat, crane barge and derrick barge (900 tons)

Compressor Deck Design


  • API 14C Design

  • P&ID Preparation and Revisions

  • SAFE Chart Preparation and Revisions

  • Regulatory Drafting

  • Project As-Builts