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We provide engineering related to mechanical, civil, structural, pipeline, process piping, instrumentation, electrical, construction engineering, and drafting . CCI's engineering services are tailored to fit client’s specific needs.


At CCI, our approach to pipeline integrity analysis is rooted in a meticulous commitment to safeguarding critical infrastructure. Our team of specialized engineers utilizes advanced inspection techniques, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive data analysis to assess the condition of pipelines thoroughly. We focus on detecting potential threats, such as corrosion, stress, and material degradation, before they become critical issues, thus minimizing risks and ensuring the long-term reliability of your pipeline network. 


Our pipeline integrity analysis services are designed to proactively identify and address concerns, ultimately promoting safety, regulatory compliance, and uninterrupted operation. Partner with us to maintain the highest standards of pipeline integrity and protect your valuable assets.

  • Data Review and Anomaly Identification

  • Immediate Integrity Assessment

  • Future Integrity Assessment

  • Long-Seam Crack Assessments 

  • PHMSA Compliance

  • Hydrotest Procedures and Validation

  • FEA Corrosion Modeling

  • Remediation Plans

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At CCI, hydraulic analysis is a core aspect of our services. Our team of experienced engineers possesses a deep understanding of fluid dynamics and utilizes advanced technology to perform hydraulic analysis with precision. Whether it's evaluating water distribution systems or optimizing fluid flow in pipelines, we employ modeling and simulation tools to thoroughly assess each project. Our commitment to excellence in hydraulic analysis ensures cost-effective and sustainable solutions, delivering reliable performance for your engineering needs. You can rely on us to navigate the complexities of fluid behavior and provide the benefits of our comprehensive hydraulic analysis expertise.


Advanced simulation capabilities include transient phenomena such as surge analysis/water hammer calculations.  These methods allow capacity determination and optimal flow characteristics of existing and proposed piping systems as well as the sizing of pipes, pumps, and control valves.


At CCI, pipeline systems are a central focus of our expertise. With a history of managing diverse pipeline projects, our team of engineers possesses a strong understanding of pipeline design, construction, maintenance, and optimization. We employ modern technology and a strong commitment to safety and environmental responsibility to ensure that each pipeline system we work on is efficient and meets all compliance requirements. Our dedication to pipeline systems leads to cost-effective solutions, optimizing performance and reducing risks for the transportation of vital resources. When you choose us, you're partnering with experts committed to the success and longevity of your pipeline projects, making us the trusted choice for all your pipeline engineering needs.

  • Design, Permitting and Installation Technical Support

  • Flow Reversal Design and Evaluation

  • Pig Trap Modifications Upgrades

  • Complex Pipeline Abandonments (Land and Marine)

  • Pipeline Relocations and Re-routes (Land and Marine)

  • In-Line Inspection and Data Evaluation (Smart Pigging)

  • Hydrotest Design

  • Pipeline Lowering Calculations and Procedures

  • Routine and Complex Pipeline Repairs (Land and Marine)

  • Pipeline Collapse Pressure Calculations

  • Detailed Work Procedures with supporting calculations

  • Soil Erosion Remediation

  • Piping Stress Analysis via API 1117 and CEASAR II

  • Subsea repairs, Design, Buoyancy calcs 

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Our staff is experienced and skilled at supporting upstream and midstream facilities through different stages of their operation. From the design and commissioning of new production sites and midstream stations to major post-hurricane repairs and modifications our engineering team is capable of supporting a wide variety of station and facility focused projects. Types of projects include:

  • Facility / Station Modifications: metering, valves, slug catcher, launchers, power supply, controls

  • Station Pumps:  sizing, repairs, performance testing

  • Storage Tank Addition Design and Specifications

  • Station Soil Loading for Heavy Equipment Access

  • Process and System Design and Permitting: pumps, compressors, piping, separation, gas and oil dehydration, measurement, surge protection, relief valve sizing

  • Controls, Instrumentation, and Safety Systems

  • Station Compressors: Sizing, Repairs, Performance Testing, Modifications 



Our approach to pipe stress analysis is grounded in engineering rigor, precision, and a strong commitment to ensuring the structural integrity of piping systems. Our experienced team of engineers uses advanced simulation software and analytical techniques to thoroughly evaluate the effects of operational conditions, temperature fluctuations, and external forces on your piping infrastructure. Through methodical pipe stress analysis, we identify potential vulnerabilities and provide customized solutions that improve safety, reliability, and efficiency.


From routine process piping to large diameter transmission pipelines, our firm's understanding of pipe stress analysis ensures that your system can meet real-world demands, reducing risks and contributing to the success of your engineering projects. ​

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  • Structural Design and Analysis with FEA Software

  • Construction / Fabrication Design

  • Large Steel Structure Design and Analysis

  • Heavy Lift Design by track crane, truck crane, portable crane, lift boat, crane barge and derrick barge (900 tons)

  • Foundation Design and Analysis

  • Boat Landing Design 

  • Offshore Platform Structural Repair

  • Platform and Facility Weight Estimates

  • Platform Abandonment Support


Chapman Consulting Inc. has professionally licensed engineers that are well versed in regulatory design. We leverage this expertise to assist  our customers in navigating government permitting processes as well as keeping their assets within regulatory compliance. Regulatory deliverables include:

  • API 14C Design

  • P&ID Preparation and Revisions

  • SAFE Chart Preparation and Revisions

  • Regulatory Drafting

  • Project As-Builts

  • Permitting Support

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