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CCI can design, permit and coordinate installation of braced caissons and of major modifications to existing large platforms. Our decommissioning team has the experience and resources to manage your most difficult structural removal projects, from permitting and facility cleaning to site clearance.


  • Platform & Equipment Modifications

  • Corrosion Maintenance & Repairs

  • Production Equipment, Flowline, Compressor & Metering Installation

  • Temporary/ Permanent Quarters Set-Up

  • Temporary Crane Set-Up

  • Platform Modifications & Preparations for Drilling

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  • Develop Cut Plans

  • Develop B.S.E.E. Procedures

  • Document Preparation for Federal and State Permit Applications

  • Data Research and Develop Abandonment Procedures

  • Prepare All Completion Data and Write Final Regulatory Submittals


CCI uses the same detailed project management style, standard of ethics and rate schedule to P&A projects that we apply to routine project work.

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